About Private Equity Hive​

  • Cutting Edge A I Based Online Marketplace Platform for Alternative Investment & Private Equity
  • One Stop Shop Connecting Fund Managers with Clients in One Centralized Place
  • Introducing the next-generation electronic market platform to source alternative investments & private equity for primary issuance and secondary market transactions
  • Aims to transform the way in which private clients can reach out to institutional investments and share a bite size of their portfolio
  • Offer a wide range of value add services on a modular basis, complementing existing private market activities and exposure in the primary and secondary market
  • Successful transactions depend on the ability to raise capital faster, drive rapid and strategic growth, and create greater value and possibly provide an exit strategy option throughout the transaction lifecycle
  • P E Hive is an on Line market platform providing insight information and market intelligence based on Artificial Intelligent technology for sourcing and screening deals, partnering with the best fund managers in the marketplace for alternative investments and private equity with a team of highly qualified, skilled dedicated and versatile industry professionals
  • P E Hive act as a placement agent representing fund managers for private equity primary issue and provide access to secondary market transactions, matching investors looking to exit, buy and sell existing private shares or debts
  • P E Hive uncover and unlock value proposition for investors by identifying great companies with potential for growth in various sectors: Financial Services, Technology & Software, Real Estate, Industrial & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Telecom & Media, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas
  • P E Hive platform enables investors to access investments into private companies, venture capital, and a variety of other investment vehicles and fund managers from startup to Pre-IPO.​
  • P E Hive focuses on and serves a new generation of investors, who demand access to institutional-grade investments, greater autonomy in decision-making, and a seamless digital experience at low cost.
  • P E Hive prides itself on strong and deeply rooted relationships in the MENA region and specifically in the GCC’s with the most significant sovereign wealth funds, public and private investment entities, institutional investors, and family offices.
  • P E Hive network helps to identify the managers, source deal opportunities and combine sector insights with proven innovative strategies that have guided the world’s fastest-growing companies
  • P E Hive provides private and individual investors access to reach out to more financial institutions investments and share a bitesize piece of their high incomes from PE investments.
  • P E Hive enables institutional investors and fund managers to reach out more to clients globally and broaden their distribution network to distribute their investment portfolios of holdings in private companies restricted shares and limited partnerships.
  • P E Hive complies a rigid screening process for selection of its fund manager partners based on various measures such as managers & fund size, performance & track record, across different geographical sectors, USA, Europe & Asia as well as on asset classes, such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, private debt, infrastructure funds and others.​​

Private Equity Hive ​
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