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Alternative Investment & Private Equity We are an independent private markets platform, allowing fund managers and
clients connecting to maintain their relationships and enhance market accessibility & transparency
Where Public Meets Private No Exit is No Longer the Sign for Private Equity

Investments & Managers Selection Process​

Raising capital across the spectrum of alternatives investments, private equity & private debt, and other selectively chosen fund manager partners, to match up with clients’ investment guidelines & criteria; seeking managers with non-conflicting products , strategy, sector, and geographic differentiation, to provide investors’ diversification, estimate demand, conduct due diligence on each fund manager and the fund/product prior to the raise capital mandate

Industries we serve

Our platform provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities across industries

Why Private Equity Hive

Alternative Investment and Private Equity souring, screening and trading “MADE SIMPLE”.

Identifying great companies with potential for growth through strategic alliances and partnership with the world’s leading financial institutions and fund manager.

PE Hive brings together a community of investors that value accessibility, liquidity, transparency & low transaction fees.

PE Hive pushes the boundaries of traditional investing in the private equity market and provides only the best, personalized solutions for our clients’ investment needs.

PE Hive mixes innovative investment products, high-quality technological solutions and top management expertise built on a strong fundamental foundation with a proven track record in the investment banking.

Strategies and Principles

Intelligent Search Engine for Improving customer service/experience

Manage time reduce overheads more efficiently

Private Equity Hive is an independent intermediary & placement agent, bridging the GAP between the originator, distributor and clients, connecting all market players in the world of alternative investment and private equity in one centralized platform.​​

Act as a placement agent raising capital for primary issuance and provide liquidity solutions to investors seeking to exit in the secondary market​

Aims to transform the way in which alternative investment and private equity deals have been traditionally funded and traded from fund raising to exit strategy.

Provide financial institutions & fund managers access to reach out to more credited investors for placement and exit of private equity transactions.

To be the pioneer the market leader in introducing the next-generation artificial intelligent based trading platform for alternative investments and private equity to screen & source deals through strategic partnership with fund managers to buy and sell restricted shares in private equity companies​

To be the preferred marketplace venue for fund managers and financial institutions in deploying their investment portfolios, rebalance and positions of their investment holding in private companies restricted shares and limited partnerships​

Cost optimization initiatives reducing cost increasing revenue

Eliminating human errors

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